Travelling Pitcairn Island
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Visiting Pitcairn Island.

Claymore II

You might think it’s difficult to travel to Pitcairn but with a bit of planning there are 2 or 3 ways you can do it.

Travelling to Pitcairn Island
Travelling to Pitcairn Island

How do I find out about getting to Pitcairn?

If you’re looking to get here on the cheap there are currently 3 private charter companies offering voyages to Pitcairn from the island of Mangareva in the Gambier Islands. These are; Pitcairn Travel, owned locally by Pitcairn couple Jacqui Christian and Leslie Jaques via their chartered yacht Xplore; Uncharted World Travel (in 2013 only at this stage) and Pacific Expeditions - owned by seasoned traveller Graham Wragg, via his catamaran Discovery.

Launching a canoe at Bounty Bay
Heading to landing

At the other end of the $$$ scale

Alternatively, at the other end of the $$$ scale, you might like to stop in for the day on a cruise ship. In 2013 the following Cruise Ships intend to visit Pitcairn so, checkout them out on line: The Europa, the Oceania Marina, the Amsterdam, the Arcadia, the Saga Ruby the Pacific Princess and the Hanseatic.

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Travel to Pitcairn on a cruise ship
Travel by cruise ship

But, if you looking for something a little more comfortable than a yacht but more adventurous than a cruise we recommend you make your way here on the government’s dedicated passenger/shipping vessel, the Claymore II.

Heading out to meet a ship
Heading out to meet a ship

What if I want to stay more than 14 days?

As previously mentioned you can apply for a Long term visitor visa if you want to stay for up to 6 months. This currently costs NZ$150.00.

How do I apply to settle on Pitcairn?

You can apply for settlement at any time. However, I always advise people to consider coming for 10 days or so before they think seriously about applying to settle on the island. Living in a tiny community on one of the most remote islands in the world is something that should be carefully considered. Once, here you’re a long way from home.

The Claymore II is owned by Stoney Creek Shipping Ltd in NZ. The company is contracted by the Government of Pitcairn Islands to deliver passengers and supplies to Pitcairn on a quarterly basis. The ship is strictly a working vessel (so don’t expect bells and whistles and room service). You’ll find it clean and functional and the busy crew friendly and helpful. She accommodates 12 travellers in 6 twin share cabins and all meals and linen are provided. Paying passengers share a spacious and comfortable dinning and lounge area and you can help yourselves to a cuppa and snack or chat with the crew in the shared break room, near the galley. I’ve travelled on the Claymore and its sister ship, the Braveheart, on several occasions and can honestly say you’re in safe hands with Stoney Creek. You can find out more about this very reliable travel option at or you can contact or directly for more information.

Claymore 2 - Anchoured off of Bounty Bay
Claymore II - Anchoured off of Bounty Bay

Meeting the Claymore in Mangareva

In making your way to Pitcairn you will firstly fly from your homeland to Tahiti. When you book these flights you’ll also need to book Air Tahiti domestic flights from Tahiti to Gambier airport (situated on a coral atoll) just off Mangareva. When you exit the airport you will take a 35 minute ferry ride across to Rikitea village and there, at the wharf you will find the Claymore II crew waiting for you. They will then transfer you and your luggage directly to the ship in their zodiac. They’ll get you settled and you’ll leave Mangareva for Pitcairn in the late afternoon. A couple of days later you’ll arrive at Pitcairn. The Longboat will be launched to pick you up and you’ll soon be riding the waves into Bounty Bay.

Claymore II - Interior lounge area
Claymore II - Interior
Claymore II - Interior