Accommodation Big Flower Pitcairn Island
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You’re Very Welcome to Stay at Big Flower When you Visit Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Open Plan Living
Kitchen, Dining and Lounge areas

Our light filled open plan living offers some of the Pitcairn’s best views from the top of the island.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Looking east from the lounge area
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Looking west from the dining area

From almost every room in the house you can take in the span of the island from Christian’s Cave to Ships Landing Point. And, like us you’ll never tire of the stunning, ever change skies and South Pacific Ocean.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Master Bedroom with Ensuite
Master bedroom with ensuite
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Guest Bedroom 2
Large double bedroom with seperate bathroom
and laundry facilities

You don’t necessarily have to ‘rough it’ if you stay on Pitcairn. At Big Flower we’ve got all the modern conveniences you’re used to: Microwave, gas cooker, electric oven, fridge, freezer, flat screen TV, stereo system, internet access, telephones and ceiling fans in the office and all the bedrooms. And, just in case you’re wondering, flush toilets too!

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Serviced Office
Office / Communications
including internet and computing equipment

It’s your holiday so rest assured we’ll fit in with your needs. Get up and watch the dawn unfold over an early cooked or continental breakfast or take in the hues of a south pacific sunset with a glass of wine before dinner.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - a typical sunrise from the lounge
Sunrise from the lounge

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You can sample authentic Pitcairn Island Weckle (food) like Pilai (a popular baked dish of banana, breadfruit, sweet potato or pumpkin. Mada (banana dumplings in coconut milk), just caught fresh fish, cooked anyway you like, fresh baked wild beans in coconut milk, arrowroot biscuits, tropical fresh fruit salads, home grown vegetables and daily baked fresh breads. Or, just as easily, you can enjoy the foods you’re more familiar with like bacon and eggs, roast meat and vegetables, all kinds of curries, pasta bakes, pies, steamed or stirred fried veges and traditional desserts.

Accommodation fees

Sharing Big Flower with us,
your accommodation rate of US120.00 per person/per day includes all meals and laundry, all transfers, tours and complimentary drinks.

if you prefer, you can take the WHOLE place over, please contact us if you wish the ultimate experience!

Irrespective, we’ll greet you at the landing on arrival and get you up the hill in comfort and safety in our 4 seater, Polaris Ranger - designed specifically for carrying passengers in rough terrain.

When You Stay at Big Flower...

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Transport
Transport and Tours

The Polaris will get you pretty much anywhere on the island. But, Pitcairn has many historical and natural attractions which are not so easily accessible.
Don’t worry, we’ll take you on guided walking or tramping tours instead if that’s your preference (we recommend you get out and about walking).
You can visit Christian’s Cave where Fletcher Christian is said to have pondered the enormity of his decision to mutiny. We’ll take you Down Rope, where you will see first-hand the ancient petroglyphs carved into the rock face by Pitcairn’s early Polynesian inhabitants. We’ll walk with you from Big Flower to Tedside and out to Water Valley where you can see the rainfall water pools and take photos of Western harbour, the original anchorage of the HMAV Bounty. We’ll swim with you in the crystal waters of St. Paul’s pool or take you down Tautama, where there are still signs of pre European stone tool making. We’ll show you how to harvest bananas, open and ana (grate) coconuts or fish off the rocks and we can also arrange fishing or diving trips for you if the weather is right.

Prepare to go home exhausted, exhilarated and wanting more!

Capture your Experience

From arrival to departure we can film your stay on Pitcairn and your time spent with us. If you’re here long enough we’ll shoot the footage and have it edited and packaged in time for you to take home. Alternatively, we’ll simply post it to you on the next mail ship.
We shoot in High Definition, 1080p, widescreen broadcast qualtity film.
This is an additional service though, please contact Big Flower for fees.

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