Soap Pitcairn Island
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Pitcairn Island honey propolis soap

coconut oil, pure honey and propolis

Since first coming to the island in 2005 Kerry and I have been producing our 100% All Natural Handmade soaps. We started selling them to visiting cruise ship tourists and some locals and have gradually refined the product to fit Pitcairn’s production qualities and increasingly interested international markets.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - A Frame Full of Bees
A frame full of honey can weigh several kilos.
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower -Honey comb
A healthy frame, with honey filling the wax cells.

We’ve recently developed our new Naturally Pitcairn - Pure Honey and Propolis soap which is proving to be very popular.

As with all our products our Honey and Propolis soaps are made Pitcairn style i.e. hand blended and hand cut – so you know you’re getting the real thing. Both Honey and Propolis are known the world over for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Together Honey and Propolis provide the perfect natural ingredients for a gently moisturising mildly antiseptic soap which is suitable for most skin types.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Freshly spun honey
Two key ingredients - freshly spun honey and coconut oil.
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Coconut Oil

When you purchase our soap you know your getting the real thing!

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Soap drying
Soap bars in the curing and drying process
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Soap Cured
The finished product ready to use - coconut oil, honey, propolis soap

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Packaged Soap


2 Packs of Pitcairn Island Honey and Propolis Soap (minimum order)

NZ$14.00 + NZ$10 pp anywhere in the world


4 Packs of Pitcairn Island Honey and Propolis Soap

NZ$24.00 + NZ$15 pp anywhere in the world

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