Pitcairn Island Honey and Propolis
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Pitcairn Island Honey & Propolis

Pitcairn Island Propolis Tincture

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Bees Working Propolis

Honey Bee Propolis, often called "bee glue," is a resinous, gummy substance that bees secrete and combine with wax to construct, maintain and protect their hives. It is a naturally produced, incredibly strong amalgam. Understanding is that the compounds essential to Propolis productions are collected by the honey bees from tree saps. On Pitcairn, these include, Lata, Roseapple, Frangipani, Mango, citrus trees, Tapau tree and many others.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Bee Gathering Sap

Tree sap itself has antibiotic properties which work to protect trees from viral and bacterial types of infection – so it isn’t surprising that bees work with sap and natural plant resins in constructing and protecting their hives. The saps, mingled with the bee’s natural secretions, form a remarkably strong and extremely powerful antiviral antibiotic, antifungal agent which both seals and sanitizes the interior of the hives and protects its many inhabitants.

Natural Health and Honey Bee Propolis

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Propolis Balls

Propolis, like other bee products, has been used by humankind since ancient times. The Egyptians used it for healing. Aristotle recommended it for treating wounds, and Roman Centurions carried it in their first-aid kits for the same purpose. It is widely acknowledged that Propolis can kill a wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is therefore an accepted treatment for wounds. Since the mid-1980s there has been a growing revival in the use of Honey Bee Propolis as more and more people move towards natural complementary medicines and products.

Honey Bee Propolis contains many minerals, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as beta carotene, bioflavonoids, vitamins B1 and B2. The qualities said to give Propolis its healing properties are; 55% Resinous compounds and balsam, 30% beeswax, 10% Ethereal and Aromic Oils and 5% Bee Pollen.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Propolis Usage

Naturally Pitcairn Island – Our Honey & Propolis Soap

The raw Honey Bee Propolis we use in our Natural Honey & Propolis soap is first collected from our local aperies by hand, using a sturdy hand scraper. In its raw state it really does look like black gold and its texture is firm but pliable. By the time it has been hand ground and blended it takes on a dark honey brown tone which is further enhanced when blended with Pitcairn’s pure honey this process helps release its great healing properties. Pitcairn Island has one of the most disease-free bee populations anywhere in the world and the rich tropically flavoured honey produced is of an exceptionally high quality. Given that both Honey and Bee Propolis are known for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this perfect combination produces a 100% naturally scented pure Pitcairn Honey and Propolis soap which is simply delightful and an aid to natural skin care. Our customers who have had to put up with dandruff and scalp problems, frequently tell us that washing their hair with our Honey & Propolis soap before conditioning absolutely helps control these symptoms.

Many people use Honey Bee Tincture to fight against cold and flu systems. An age old traditional beekeepers trick is to suck on a piece of raw Propolis to sooth a sore throat and cold symptoms. I’ve tried it, and though the taste is not so good, it really does ‘do the trick’. Used topically the antifungal properties in Honey Bee Propolis are really great for ailments such as athletes foot and psoriasis. Regularly applying a few drops over the affected area and giving time for the tincture to evaporate effectively leaves a layer of Propolis on the skin to help treat fungal infections and skin problems. And, surprise , surprise - it’s all good news for daily skin care. A few drops of Honey Bee Propolis Tincture, is reliably reported to help neutralise cell degeneration. I simply mix a few drops of it with my daily moisturiser - so it couldn’t be easier.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Propolis Tincture
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Propolis Tincture


Pitcairn Island Bee Propolis Tincture

Pitcairn Island beekeepers collect the raw Propolis from the hives and dissolve over several weeks in alcohol to extract its natural healing properties. The earthy brown solution is shaken and stirred regularly to stimulate the release of its essential compounds until the resulting tincture is thoroughly filtered and then bottled. The end product is Pitcairn Islands very rare and exclusive honey bee Propolis Tincture.

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