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Conservation - The Plants of Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island Yellow Fatau
Yellow Fatau
Abutilon pitcairnense
Pitcairn Island Nehe
Angiopteris chauliodonta
Pitcairn Island Alihau, Bidens mathewsii
Bidens mathewsii
Pitcairn Island Red Berry
Red Berry
Coprosma benefica

Over the next couple of months Big Flower are working on a conservation webpage that will feature Pitcairn's endemic plants and 'Reed Warbler' sparrow. Most are very rare and in some cases (Myrsine aff. niauensis), plant numbers are as low as one remaining on Pitcairn! Watch this space for further details.

Pitcairn Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus vaughani
Pitcairn Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus vaughani
Pitcairn Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus vaughani
Pitcairn Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus vaughani
Pitcairn Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus vaughani


Latest Cruise Ship Information

Pitcairn Island MV Marina

The fact is that most Pitcairners can boast setting foot on some of the most grand cruise ships in the world. In more recent years: the classics like ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’ on her final world voyage, through to the modern 5 star supremes like the ‘The World’ where “apartments” are privately owned. More here...

Visiting Cruise Ships at a Glance - In order of visit
Costa neoRomantica, MV Hanseatic
MV Marina, MV Crystal Symphony, MV Amsterdam, Pacific Princess, Queen Victoria, MS Blackwatch, MV Artania, The World, MV Marina, MV Dawn Princess, Caledonian Sky x 2, MV Europa, MS Silver Shadow, MS Silver Explorer, Nat Geo MV Orion, MV Marina
MS Albatross, MV Deutschland, MV Crystal Serenity, Costa Deliziosa, Amadea, MV Marina, Sea Princess, Caledonian Sky
View the complete detailed schedule here...


Immigration Top 5 Q and A's

Pitcairn Island Visa Application
Pitcairn Island Visa Application Form

There’s not a day that goes by, when Big Flower isn't asked questions on immigrating to Pitcairn, in particular to settle. Given this, we feel it makes sense we provide the answers to the top 5 questions on our site: More here...

There are 114 place names identifying key coastal positions around the island. Ok, nothing is sign posted, but even a newbie will soon learn where they are.
More here...


Home again

Darrin, Zara and Brandon Young
November 2012 – January 2013

Last on Pitcairn Island for a brief visit back in 1982, Darrin emailed us to say he was returning with his daughter Zara (18) and son Brandon (16).

Initially their intention was an 11 day visit, the maximum stay if travelling via the Claymore and its scheduled visits. We immediately intervened, “…heck, the tall ship Picton Castle’s due to visit in late December, why not try and organise passage off the island on it, extending your on-island stay to 20+ days...”

Read more on their visit here...

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Darrin Zara Brandon
Left to Right: Heather, Ryan, Bradley, Darrin, Zara, Brandon
Crouching: Me
Pitcairn Island - Nov 2012 / Jan 2013

Doing it on pitcairn

Darrin, Zara and Brandon’s recommendation. The 10 most important things one should learn and do whilst on Pitcairn...

1) Heating Water

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Heating Water
Lighting the Pitcairn Copper for hot water

Pitcairners heat their water by fire. The arrangement which holds and heats the water is called the 'Copper'.
Darrin shows us the difference between hot or not water!
Continued here...

2) Trading

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Trading on Island
Zara prepares the trading table
with our wares

On average we get 8 cruise ships per season. Of the 8 at least 2 will get its passengers ashore.
Pitcairners setup trading tables in key positions in Adamstown.
Zara shows us how its done.
Continued here...

3) Fishing - with bonus feature

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Fishing
Darrin looks for the right fishing spot

Fish are abundant in waters around Pitcairn. You can easily catch a meal off of the rocks. Darrin and Brandon head 'Down Rope'.

**** With bonus feature - making 'Fish in Milk'

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Fish in Milk
Fish n Coconut Milk
Brandon shows us how

One of the most mouth watering dishes by far, Brandon shows us the art of cooking your own Fish in Coc'nut Milk

Continued here...

4) Cooking Pota

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Making Pota
Preparing the leaf of the Tale plant

Pota, a dish not often seen on the dinner tables anymore, is made from the new unfurled leaf of a plant we call Tale pronounced Ta-la.
Growing in abundance in valley's and shaded areas, Tale can be found throughout the island.
Continued here...

5) Kite Flying

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Kite Flying
Darrin waits for a gust of wind

For those of you who don’t know, Pitcairn’s has a long history of kite flying.
Most households have kites stored securely in wait for that breezy day. Once a kite is hoisted aloft, the word soon gets out and before you know it, there are dozens in the air
Continued here...

6) Unna a Coc'nut

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Una a Coconut
Unna'ing a Coc'nut

Coconut cream can be used in many dishes, fish, chicken, meat and vegetable.
However, there's an art to finding the right nut, cracking, gratting the flesh inside and finally squeezing the cream out.
Continued here...

7) Go 'Down the God'

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Ms T the Galapogos turtle
Not all have ventured 'Down the God'

Not all locals have been to an area called 'Down the God'.
Protected by steep cliffs and a rocky coast line, it's the second location on the island which has petroglyphs
Continued here...

8) Swimming at St Pauls'

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Swimming at St Pauls
Brandon holds up a crayfish plucked from St Pauls pool.

St Pauls, a large rock pool located on the eastern side of the island is the place to swim whilst on Pitcairn
Alongside schools of aquarium fish you may find the occassional crayfish.
Continued here...

9) Visit Nola and Reynold

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Visiting Nola and Reynold
Reynold show the trio his backyard oasis

Visiting Nola and reynold is a unique experience.
The last of the originals, they'll ensure your visit is history filled. From garden walks, curio making to experiencing fresh island baking.
Continued here...

10) Visit Ms T

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Ms T the Galapogos turtle
The highly regarded Ms T, dinning on one of her favourite dishes, freshly harvested cucumber

Ms T, a Galapogos turtle who has resided on the island since 1970?
Reknown throughout the world, and the pet of Pitcairners, she is the first port of call by visiting tourists.
Continued here...


Pitcairn Island, Big Flower Kerry Young
Kerry Young
Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower Heather Menzies
Heather Menzies
Pitcairn Island
Drop us a line...

You’re Very Welcome to Stay at Big Flower When you Visit Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Open Plan Living
Kitchen, Dining and Lounge areas

Our light filled open plan living offers some of the Pitcairn’s best views from the top of the island.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Looking east from the lounge area
Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - The main Lounge
Looking west from the dining area

From almost every room in the house you can take in the span of the island from Christian’s Cave to Ships Landing Point. And, like us you’ll never tire of the stunning, ever change skies and South Pacific Ocean. More here...



We’ve recently developed our new Naturally Pitcairn - Pure Honey and Propolis Soap which is proving to be internationally popular.

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Honey Propolis Soap

Pure Honey and Propolis Soap from coconut oil. Bars are handmade, hand blended and hand cut – so you know you’re getting the real thing.
More here...

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Beaded Jewellery

Unique to Pitcairn Island - Fetuei beaded jewellery!
Fetuei is the Pitkern word for the purple sea urchin. It is really beautiful in its natural state and retains its deep purple colour after many weeks of washing and drying in preparation for cutting for jewellery.
More here...


The Pitcairn Cruise Ship Experience

The fact is that most Pitcairners can boast setting foot on some of the most grand cruise ships in the world. In more recent years: the classics like ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’ on her final world voyage...

Read more on cruise ships here...

Pitcairn Island, Big Flower - Nola Authenticity Label
MS The World
Crew:250 Passengers:150-200

who will have the largest marine reserve in the world?

Most countries in the world have claimed something called an “Exclusive Economic Zone”, or EEZ, which extends 200 nautical miles from their shoreline and enables them to control any economic activity, like commercial fishing that happens within that area. Because Pitcairn is an island group of four islands spread far apart from each other, its EEZ is huge, covering over 836,000 sq km. That’s bigger than New Zealand!

Read more on our proposed reserve here...

Fish Pitcairn Island, Big Flower
Lemonpeel Angelfish
(Centropyge flavissima)
Photo's by Enric Sala, National Geographic
Corel Pitcairn Island, Big Flower
Three of a Kind: Halimeda onkodes, H.samoense, and Caulerpa pickeringii
Photo by Kike Ballesteros, National Geographic

Travelling to Pitcairn - Claymore II

The most comfortable and reliable means of travelling to Pitcairn Island is on the government chartered vessel Claymore II.

Pitcairn Island, Claymore II Anchored off Bounty Bay
Claymore II
Anchored off Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island, Claymore II Comfortable Interior
Claymore II interior
Pitcairn Island, Claymore II Comfortable Interior
Claymore II lounge area

For more information check out Pitcairn Island's official travel website here: www.visitpitcairn.pn

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